Emergency Access System

 Durable steel key vault that secures emergency keys.



Rapid Entry Reduces Damage and Saves Time and Property

Trusted by City Officials and Fire Marshals Nationwide, FailSafe provides the solutions all communities need to quickly access secure buildings, campuses, warehouses, commercial buildings, public offices, and stores when an emergency is detected. Reduces injuries to responders, reducing wait times for keys, reduces hazard pay and city insurance costs, emergency responders can leave false alarm calls without leaving a building vulnerable and no more waiting business owners to unlock doors.

Faster Entry with Minimal Damage

Why Choose FailSafe?

FailSafe ships same day or next day.

FailSafe is UL listed as a fire alarm device. Other products have no UL listing or have a UL burglary device listing.

FailSafe Electronic System identifies when the box was opened, by whom, when the box was closed (records time and by whom). This identifies who had access to the keys to the building. When accessing private facilities, the fire district should deploy the smart system. FailSafe electronic key program is the leader in emergency rapid access compared to competitors brass key WITHOUT any intelligent systems.

Access All Buildings with 1 Key

Emergency Rapid Access System

Fail-Safe offers an extensive key vault product line for your city.  No more lost keys, no entry, damage to buildings and wait time to access buildings. Safely arrive on site and access buildings quickly to reduce damage. No damage in the event of a false alarm reducing costs for business owners.

Lock it! Secure it!

No Rusting Screws!

No broken pieces left in FDC.

Stop dealing with rusty bolts and damaged FDC’s. FDC Caps are the simplest way to protect FDC’s from damage and tampering.

High quality and benefits of FailSafe product!

-24 hour emergency access

-UL listed Dual Action Tamper Switch

-UL listed as a Fire Control Accessory

-High Security Lock and Key

-Fire Department Master Key Opens all Locations

-1/4″ Thick Heavy Gauge Steel Housing


The Fail-Safe Emergency Access System securely keeps building keys inside the box while you hold the master key. In the event of an emergency you have access to the building without damaging property leaving it vulnerable after a call.

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