Fail Safe Emergency Access System

As a Fire Marshal, you know seconds count when it comes to saving lives and preserving property. That’s why implementing an Emergency Access System into every business and public building in your community is A MUST! Fire Safe is a durable steel key vault that secures emergency keys where firefighters need them most – at the front door.

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Fail-Safe offers an extensive key vault product line.  Fail-safe prides itself on working with firefighters,  adapting, modifying, or customizing our products to provide you with what you need to efficiently and effectively respond to an emergency. Several of the unique features Fail-Safe’s product line offers has come by suggestions of fire marshals and firefighters.

Fail-Safe’s products are held to the highest standards for durability, ease of use, and safety.

Where should FailSafe Key Box be placed? In any building from school campuses, colleges, commercial building, gas stations, business offices, warehouses, utility buildings, stores, malls and anywhere else in your community where you allow yourself the security to quickly access the building and reduce damage.

  • Our key vaults are the ONLY  key vaults listed as an Underwriters Laboratory Fire Alarm Accessory (UOXX.S5507). 
  • Tamper switches are standard on all key vaults-no additional charge for added safety!
  • Heavy duty mounting hardware included with every key vault-installation ease!
  • Building key attaches to key vault lid-“Ball and Chain” assures key is returned to key vault before box is locked after fire call!
  • Choice of locks and keys: High Security Medeco locks and keys for mechanical key ways or Electronic locks and keys for electronic audit trail system.
  •  The same key that your jurisdiction is currently using may be used in Fail-Safe products keyed to your jurisdiction.
  • Keys are provided to the jurisdiction free of charge!
  • Fail-Safe lock boxes are more economical for the end user to purchase, $184.95 per box, up to 50% less than  the cost of our competitors.  The lower cost and choice of products often leads to more acceptance by the end user.
  • Fail-Safe ships all standard products within 48 hours of receipt of orders, eliminating the 4-6 week lead time that often occurs with other manufacturers.

All Fail-Safe products specifically for department use, such as Master Key Commanders, are eligible for a 25% discount.